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Getting back to sewing…..starting on the princess slip!

It has been quite sometime since I have been sewing. I haven’t had any recent blogs until now. I have been playing “catch up” on our new rules with the vpll 1912 project. If you are interested in sewing then you might be interested in joining this project too! Go to our official website and check it all out!

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I have downloaded ,taped ,cut and layed out the pattern for the princess slip. Yet I can not decide on what fabric to use….I will probably use the sheets ( as muslin) and replicate the pattern first.  Once I understand the pattern , I can make another for a summer dress.Hello sewing stash, we meet again. 🙂

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Off to the real job but my mind is here thinking about the 1912 sewing job!

I am pleased to say I have my stash of challenge pattern and materials ready to sew yet I am reluctant to start….I have been researching the blogs and learning from those who have been sewing the item in hopes of, ” ironing out all the kinks”. Maybe tonight I will begin and see my own skills transform from “modern to nostalgic 1912 formation”? Well, it doesn’t hurt to dream,lol!

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Pattern Maker…..ready ..set..learn…learn…..and keep learning!!!

I have found pattern maker a bit overwhelming and so I choose to take my time at learning this new software and will try a little at a time to understand this software.

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Spring is in the air.

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Challenge Pattern-The Princess Slip.

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I am patiently waiting for my assignment….yet the music plays on until then!!!

I am patiently waiting for my vintage pattern to arrive via email or mail which ever one I can get first! Until then I have been searching the internet educating myself on the proper corset of that era. I am reproducing a slip that my great grandmother had made and will use that as well. All the femanine under clothing will make the outfit so much fun!

As I wait  I have also been playing my accustic guitar to relax my nerves. I couldn’t help but think about the Titanic and the castraphy of it all and how the history book quoted “and the band played on”. The soothing music had to of been a lulliby to keep others calm or either they just didnt hear anything at all. Either way I can’t help but feel a connection of sympathy toward those that were lost in the ocean and those that faced the ocean and lived to tell about it.

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Understanding the “underneath the dress essentials” for, the 1912 project.

I have shared with you all out there that I have accepted the  volunteer sewing of a vintage 1912 pattern. I have been reading from our Facebook community site about some other volunteer sewers interests in the underneath dress essentials for the clothes of the era. I too have considered this essential and began the construction of a long “slip” while others are constructing “corset” style under clothing. I wonder if I may need to reconsider but, I am reduplicating a slip from my great-grandmas’ wedding gown so maybe the corset will come later? I am still awaiting my pattern and am unsure what all I will need. I don’t want to purchase fabric until I see the patterns material description because I want to get the recommended cloth. Read the rest of this entry »

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One of my favor…

One of my favorite hobbies is sewing. I love to buy beautiful fabric and create the perfect outfit with it.

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A sewing blog for all to learn, grow and share from.

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